The 3A Stock System helps the users to improve the efficiency of maintaining the level of stock in hand. It provides the necessary reports for management to detect whether there is an overstock (Money tied up in Stock) or stock shortage (hampered supplies and service to customer). Besides, the system stores sales history and their respective profit margins for on-screen enquiry or printout.

Main Features

1. Unlimited Stock Location Set-up
  • Unlimited Stock Location Code can be set-up together with location name.
2. Stock Maintenance with Stock Picture as attachment
  • Flexible of attachment Stock Picture in Jpeg or Bitmaps file for every Stock Maintenance and can be view in bigger size.
3. Finding Stock Item at Ease
  • User can find Stock Item easily and faster pace when issuing an invoice that link to stock. Once you enter the first letter of Stock Code, it will instantly highlight the nearest Stock Code. Others than this, user can use Short-cut key of F1 and Shift F2 to search by Stock Code or Stock Description by inputting the beginning, equal, containing for stock code or, exact phrase, full words or part of words for Stock Name.
4. Stock Price Information in Delivery Order/Invoice Entry
  • Build-in Short cut Stock Price Information, by selected a stock, the Last 5 Price List by Debtor History to be able view by specific Debtor or All Debtors besides the standard Price List set in Stock Maintenance. The Price List history also is able to drill to further by a specific document details.
5. Recalculation Unit Cost of Stock
  • Powerful feature of unit cost to be calculated based on date and time of receipt document. Very useful for business industry with fast moving transaction, where
  • The Sales Invoice takes place before entry of Goods Receiving.
6. Tracking for Goods Returned from Customer/Returned to Supplier.
  • Stock Returned Inward and Returned Outward Transaction had build-in mapping with an actual Sales/Purchase Document No or Receipt No. This mapping to cross to specific document’s Unit Price and Unit Cost which can improve and enhance to our Stock Revaluation Cost and Average Cost.