I started using Open System Version 2.5,25.1 since November 2014. In the beginning we had to do parallel runs for our Debtors, Creditors & GL Modules to check on our accuracy of postings and the System.

Also then we were not very used to the screen appearance as the alpha-numerics (based on Excel) appear much smaller than those in the Month-End System. Eventually, we got used to it and found this System to be very versatile especially so for our GST Reports and Stock System.

We find this Open System good as it is beneficial for us when we need to key in `missed-out’ data of earlier periods (no need to do Restore-Backup-Restore as in Month-End System).

We really appreciate the back-up trouble-shooting support that we have received so far, be it in person or on Teamviewer. We believe this versatile system would suit or be beneficial to various types of business and we would surely recommend any new start-up business or those wanted to upgrade to acquire it. Thank you CTE for the good support.

Anne Moi, Account Executive, Bio-Diagnostics Sdn Bhd
Our company has used 3A accounting system since 1990. They also provide customise reports for company needs. It is user friendly and easy to handle. As for open system, it is more convenient such as check back previous record without restoring data and can create our own template.

CTE give us full support on our accounting system. Whenever we have any problem with the system, the support team will solve it immediately. They also provide update information and upgrade the system from time to time.

GE Lim, Account Supervisor, Wo Kee Hong Electronics Sdn Bhd
The 3A Softwares we purchased are functioning well to our expectations.
The support team have also been great!
Thank you CTE!
Joyce, Account Executive, Chang Thung Sdn bhd
GST Workshop
Best knowledge, competent & skilled speakers so far I have listened to & who are also able to impart their high expertise to use.
We can absorb what the speakers lecture. They are also able to allocate and control time on the topics.
They have been able to correlate & link GST with 3A Accounting software, which other have not been able to.
This is most important. I would like to thank them very much & it is very much appreciated.
S.G.Wong, Accountant, Jazz Auto Sdn Bhd
The following is my personal opinion on the CTE Computer Centre 3A Accounting Software:-
I have been using this 3A Accounting Software since 2005. Being the head of the Accounts Department of Merit Power Sdn Bhd, I am tasked with overseeing the company’s full set of accounts to be properly done for our annual audit submission.

Since 2005, CTE Computer Centre had constantly been upgrading their 3A Accounting software. From the early days’ norm of “monthly closing” system then, their software had from 2011 thereafter lifted this previous restrictive mode into their current very flexible “open” system.

With entries once keyed-in being posted into the accounts straightaway, every account now can be viewed immediately to allow us to check on the entries accuracy. It allowed us the flexibility to amend any previous wrong entry spotted at a later date. I find this is most useful as there was no need to pass so many journal entries for correction purposes. They were aware that flexibility can have its drawbacks as if not properly controlled can lead to the entire set of accounts being messed up. For this we had been cautioned that for better control only one person (preferably the person in-charge) should be allowed this amendment option. So far with me being the only one allowed the amendment option, my employer’s accounts had seen no problems until this date.

Export Option
For me, by far, the best part of this software is having the “Export” option. With this option, reproducing my accounts in the format I would prefer for different specific purposes is a breeze. There may be times when there is a need to reproduce my accounts for a certain purpose (for my bankers for instance) but because the format in the 3A system is not the way it should be presented for that purpose, all I would need to do is to export these figures out from 3A into my Excel worksheet. From that Excel worksheet I could then reformat it the way I want to suit that particular purpose. This Export option cuts short the process of having to re-key-in all figures for the entire accounts out of the software system.

GST implementation
With the implementation of the GST from April 2015 onwards, I must applaud CTE Computer Centre once again for coming up with their Customs compliant Accounting software. Their software encompasses all information required by the Customs department and all we, users, need to do was to adhere to their instructions on how to use it.

I lift my hats off to them for their care and thoroughness, for they not only guided us on how to use their system (which is their duty) but they also went out of their way to give us feed-backs on the best way to submit our GST-03 monthly returns. Lately with the new 6-months’ deadline (starting on 1st October) on claiming of bad debts relief on GST paid, they also highlighted to us on what was the best option to deal with this subject.

Back-up Support
Last but not least, all Accounting software users would know the importance of back-up support. The CTE Computer Centre support department is the best. To resolve any problems or glitches on software affecting our accounts, all we need is just a phone call to them. Their actions are most prompt. So we don’t have any problems created through computer glitches whatsoever.

Receptive to feed-backs
CTE Computer Centre is most receptive to feed-backs provided by their clients. During the past 10 years of using their software I had come across many instances where my feed-backs to them had been taken into account and they had used such information to add into their existing software. Apparently they took into account the usefulness of such suggestions (if it has added value) to improve their overall software.

The above points are my personal view on how I feel about the CTE Computer Centre, 3A Accounting software. It may vary with different users but for me I would say Bravo to 3A Accounting software and team. You are the best!

Alice Wong, Head of the Accounts Department, Merit Power Sdn Bhd