3A Accounting System


Main Features Highlight

1. Well Organized Menu System

Designed in systematically and consistently.
Such as all documents entries are similar once you have learned of it, you can apply it to other document entry.
Same things apply to Debtor Modules where its layout and fields name same as in Creditor Module.

2. Real Time Posting
Save times, work efficiently
3A Accounting System integrates all modules i.e. Sales Order, Invoicing, Purchase Order, Stock and Accounts into one.
6 in 1 (SO, DB, CR, ST,PO & GL)
3 in 1 (DB, CR & GL)
One transaction saved, it will automatically post to GL Accounts and update
Accounts respectively (Db, ST), reports to be printed instantly. Example Debtor’s Invoice is save, it will update Debtor and GL Accounts and update Stock Reports instantly.

3. No Month End and Year End Closing
We can keep multiple years of data in single account book.
Given the option to control whether allow user to access, create, amend or delete posted transaction by months and years.

4. Tighten General Setting by Module
Since 3A Accounting System with no month-end and no year-end, system had build-in a tight control on Transaction Control Date with date range, and an option to allow or disallow user to modify the posted transaction, modify fully settled transaction or change posted document status back to Draft, and it is also based on respective module set-up. This is important for Administrator to be pre-defined security control and must according to management desired.

5. Powerful Group Maintenance Security Password
Multi-level access right control feature to regulate user accessibility to each system and each form level of Access, create, amend and delete by modules.
Different users will be given different access right which provides higher level of security and authority control in multi-user network environment.
Easy to maintain and set Group Maintenance Security. Build-in selection forms with Tick All, Un-tick All function and can be load from existing group security as well.

6. Audit Trail
Audit Trail is to record and report on any changes made to transaction. Thus it will monitor each user’s activity in the system, including who made changes, when where and which document.
This Audit Trail, besides amendment also applied to record users log-in, log-out, create, delete, update draft transaction, export/import transaction, purge and others miscellaneous.

7. One Set of Company Profile, Debtor and Creditor Maintenance
3A Accounting System is running in Modular concept, but yet only create once for Company Profile, Debtor or Creditor maintenance, Chart of A/C, Territory, Salesman, Purchaser. These Maintenance are to be set under common Account.
No more hassle to create a new chart of A/C in Debtor Module must set under GL Module as well. Too many rules to abide! If the set-up not there user cannot import from Debtor to GL.

8. No Double Entry
3A designed for Debtor, Creditor without double entry required.
It will automatically post to correct Debit or Credit Accounts.
Except GL’s Journal Entry required some book keeping knowledge.

9. Keyboard Operating besides Mouse
System designed for entry with mixture of mouse and keyboard
Easier way for us to accomplish our tasks in shorter time.

10. Side Menu (F12) & Pre-Fixed User Preference Modules
Side Menu, a short-cut direct log-in to multiple modules or multiple screen inquiries simultaneously.
Side Menu is useful especially during key-in a new document require a new stock code or new debtor or new creditor code to be created without need to exit from the document entry.
Can Pre-fixed User Preference Modules, customize main screen by selected most frequent use modules by user.

11. Unlimited Counter Number Setting
Unlimited numbering setting for all types documents, whether it is set by month, by year, by type of transaction, by Project or by Division or department.
We can set and have each month with different running set number.

12. Customize Format Designer for Common Printing documents
Build-in Customize Format Designer for Common documents Printings, such as Invoice, Official Receipt, Debit Note, Credit Note, and Statement of Account with unlimited formats designed in Debtor Ledger System. Same as in Creditor Ledger System allow customize printings of Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Voucher and Payment Advise also. On the other hand, in GL also provide the Customize Journal Transaction printing.
Besides the above documents can be customize many formats according to user preference, 3A Accounting System provides others standard documents printing especially in Stock Transactions for example Replacement Delivery Order and Stock Adjustment in Delivery Order formats.

13. Template Function
Build-in Transaction Template for all transaction types with Copy & Past function for Daily, Monthly, Yearly recurring/duplication transaction. This template transaction acts as Master Maintenance Transaction or Repeating Transaction with Fixed Contents before copied to actual transaction. Example in Debtor’s Invoice or Rental paid in GL’s Journal Transaction.

14. Option to Save as Draft (Batch)
Optional to create a temporary journal or transaction which it is not finalize yet.
Example Create a draft invoice for a customer to trial run or testing a product before actual Sales Invoice being issued. It is also applied in GL’s for a Suspend Accounts is in draft status for temporary basis.
Sometimes the posted transaction under certain circumstances can be reverse to a Draft Status Transaction with user right is granted.

15. QBF Function
This QBF function is to execute a search for an important fields, very useful for user to search back a field, example Phone No in Debtor Maintenance which can be execute and search back the source of field that contains of its Debtor Maintenance information.

16. Flexible to Increase Decimal Points
Decimal Point for Quantity Stock, Unit Cost and Unit Price can be increase the decimal point even-though a system is running with existing transaction.

17. Fiscal Period
Can change fiscal period and current month setting as and when. Changing of financial period for a company is easier and user needs not to worry about data transfer or start all over again.

18. Advanced Password Control For User Right
Password Control For User Right for Authority approval for the following control and rules:
i. Debtor’s Credit Limit Control during Delivery Order
ii. Debtor’s Credit Limit Control during Invoicing
iii. Control on Stock’s Total Quantity on Hand
iv. Control on Stock’s Location Quantity
Besides the User Right can be assigned and granted by Administrator or Supervisor, in addition control also build-in in individual Debtor Maintenance by setting as Inactive, disallow to have any transaction, any of transactions for this inactive debtor has been blocked for entries.

19. Multi Currency
Optional to set by Debtor or Creditor with Foreign Accounts.
Once Payment knock-off, the system will automatic calculate the Foreign Realized Gain/Loss and have option to post direct to GL.
Bundle with Unrealized Foreign Currency Gain/Loss, thus to revalue year-end outstanding invoices.
The Realized and Unrealized Foreign Currency Gain/Loss already taken care of rounding adjustment chart of A/C which automatic calculated and post to GL.

20. Multi-Level Screen Enquiry
Very powerful Multi level Screen Enquiry. Example Search by a Debtor follow by a specific Salesman.
The Screen build-in with optional search by Specific Debtor regardless Salesman or verse-versa search by Specific Salesman regardless Debtor.
Can access up to date Profit and Loss information in GL’s in one Screen and clicking the sum figure, user can even drill-down to detail information from the source documents.

21. Multi-Level Report
Powerful Multi Level Report extracting. Example in Debtor’s Reports, can Select by Debtor, by Territory follow by Salesman. It can be 3 Levels, 2 Levels or only one Level Selection Printing.
Same applied to Stock Reports and Creditor Reports.

22. Faster Speed Report Printing
Fast Printing for 3A Accounting System in Dot Matrix Printer as compared with 3A Win Access or 3rd party Window Software. This windows software are designed and proven in Laser or inkjet printer. Impact of this software is time consuming if they printed in Dot Matrix Printer.
Fast response time printing once select and print even for heavy transaction such as many pages of Debtor Ageing Report where system will auto run and display from beginning page and print immediately before process turn to the last page.

23. Unlimited Months Display and Selection in Screen Enquiry and Report
This is special designed for Debtor or Creditor Ageing or Sales & Collection by Debtor with unlimited Months display in Report.
Since no month-end and no year-end process, user allow to keep current and history
Data by months and years and which allow viewing history by MM/YY as many months and years information until history data to be purge.

24. Export Report to Microsoft Office and PDF
Simple and easy to Export Reports to Microsoft Excel and Word.
For Confidential Documents like Debtor’s Invoice and Statement of A/c can easily convert into PDF file and direct send through Email or send as attachment.
Build-in with Direct Email through Outlook Express 2003 or 2007 as well.

25. Ad-hoc Report (User Defined Report Writer)
By simple command English, user is able to design and define their reporting in PDF format.
This reporting format are unlimited based on available dictionary that build-in modules and also condition set by user example descending, ascending, equal, total, date range, break-on and transaction type selection and etc.