The 3A Debtor’s system helps the users to monitor receivable debts. Carefully designed reports provide comprehensive analysis for better credit control and cash flow management. The system includes invoicing integrated to Stock Control System.

Main Features

1. Build-in Information Tab on Stock Price History Price
  • This feature special designed in Delivery Order Entry and Invoice Link to Stock Entry, as well as in Stock’s Sales Transaction.
  • By click on Stock Price Information Tab, user can inquire Stock unit price, Unit Price Discount and Unit Price History by Specific Debtor.
2. Export and Import Routine for Debtor’s Invoice
  • This Export and Import Routine Program is designed for distant branch, helping them to export the daily or monthly invoices data which allow extracting Debtor and Stock data from branch to HQ. This concept applied to company who had many branches and is running centralized accounts. Furthermore normally they do not have budget to run under Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Streamyx with fixed IP Address.
3. Multiple Delivery Address in Debtor Maintenance
  • Maintain multiple Delivery Address in Debtor Maintenance, helping user to retrieve Debtor’s Branches that located in different Delivery Addresses.
  • During Delivery Order Entry and Invoice Link to Stock Entry in Debtor or Creditor Modules, a tab of Multiple Delivery Address is ready for selection.
4. Update Stock at Delivery Order Status
  • During Delivery Order, an option to select whether to update Stock immediately or update to stock at Invoicing Status.
  • This is common feature require by local business environment example in Spare Parts Industry where this industry are practicing multiple Do before merge into an invoice.