The 3A General Ledger System is an extremely powerful Financial system. It provides the most sophisticated yet very comprehensive financial reports. From these reports, the management can easily detect irregularities or inconsistencies. Besides, the reports like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet together with The Budget Variance Report provide the management with an up-to-date analysis of the business status.

Main Features

1. Alpha-numeric’s Chart of A/C Setting
  • Setting of Chart of Account can be set by alpha-numeric as compared with 3A Old system solely on 6 digits numeric. Especially Setting the Asset’s Chart of A/C can use alphabet “A” follow by numeric 10010 = A10010, user can easily read as Fixed Asset Accounts.
2. Set-up Chart of Account at Ease
  • With Trainer pre-set the Chart Classification Setup with Debit or Credit Balance, user is much easier to set the Chart of Accounts without having a strong accounting knowledge.
3. Multiple Departments
  • Allow to set multiple departments for Division/Departments or Project Profit & Loss.
  • Build-in Short-cut function with Auto Create Chart for All Departments.
4. User Defined Format and with Multiple Template Formats
  • User can have their user-defined format based on their existing or auditor require format.
  • Once a Profit & Loss Statement or a Balance Sheet Template format to be set, user can load the master template format to be duplicate to another format Name and elaborate and defined many others template formats.
5. Group by Journal Type
  • 3A OI System is unique and special as compared with others software, where the report can be extracted by different Journal Type. Example Cash Book, Sales Book and others. All these, user can defined their Journal Type by Different Book Name.