The 3A Creditor’s Ledger System keeps you in control over your cash flows. You are able to keep track of individual outstanding invoices as well as advance payment in respect of purchase order. Besides, you will be able to access whether you have under utilized the credit facilities given by you suppliers. The system provides you with an option whether or not to integrate with the General Ledger Ledger System.

Main Features

1. Build-in Information Tab on Stock Cost History Price
  • This feature special designed in Delivery Order Entry and Invoice Link to Stock Entry, as well as in Stock’s Sales Transaction.
  • By click on Stock Price Information Tab, user can inquire Stock unit Cost, Unit cost Discount and Unit Cost History by Specific Creditor.
2. Multiple Delivery Address in Creditor Maintenance
  • Maintain multiple Delivery Address in Creditor Maintenance, helping user to retrieve Creditor’s Branches that located in different Delivery Addresses.
  • During Delivery Order Entry and Invoice Link to Stock Entry in Creditor Modules, a tab of Multiple Delivery Address is ready for selection.
3. Update Stock at Delivery Order Status
  • During Delivery Order, an option to select whether to update Stock immediately or update to stock at Invoicing Status.
  • This is common feature require by local business environment example in Spare Parts Industry where this industry are practicing multiple Do before merge into an invoice.