GST Centralised Control System is an added on app to 3A Accounting System. It is a centralised screen for you to manage, control and analyse GST info in relation to your accounting entry. The screen is organised into 3 pages which is GST Instant Info, GST Submission Guide and GST Submission History. You could directly drill down into document level for all amounts shown on the screen.  You could also directly access all GST reports and screen enquiries in one screen. It also provides standard steps for your staff on GST document checking and GST submission to reduce human error. This screen also provide reminder messages  on your current GST period and days remaining before the next submission, so that your staff is aware of the coming due date.

Main Feature

1. GST Instant Info

  • Centralised screen to view all your company GST Info
  • Quick Analysis of company cash flow from amount payable/claimable
  • Flexibility to view GST info by date selection
  • Reminder messages on your current GST submission period and days remaining before the next submission
  • Instant drill down to document by GST
  • Instant view on total unutilised tax credit balances for Advance Payment and 21 days DO
  • Instant view on chart balances for GST Account System Settings

2. GST Submission Guide

  • GST Regulation Compliance check
  • Instant drill down to document
  • Standard and easy access of GST Submission Guide for your staff
  • Direct link to report and auto date selection

3. GST Submission History

  • Show last 12 GST03 Submission.
  • Side by side comparison for cash flow analysis
  • Instant drill down to GST submission history