CTE COMPUTER CENTRE emphasizes strongly on its comprehensive and reliable after sales support service and this is reflected in our ingenious training program to ensure successful and smooth implementation.

Training will be conducted at the customer’s office for all 3A-software packages. A step-by-step detailed training with personal attention will be given by our experienced trainers. The training is conducted simultaneously with the implementation process. This will ensure a complete understanding of the 3A system at the end of the computerization process.

Under normal circumstances, the computerization process will be completed within three (3) months after the date of installation unless there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

The training and support programs are designed to achieve the following objectives :

  • Expedite the computerization process so as to complete within the shortest time frame.
  • Ensure a smooth parallel run on the manual and computerized system.
  • Enable complete understanding of the 3A Accounting on its operation and functions.
  • Ensure a profitable returns of the investment on the computer system.