Version 2.3

Version Bounty Section (V2.3.56, V2.5.28)
Change List
Date logged /
Date Completed
V2.5BugDebtor invocie with stock entry - counter number reversed after delete an invoice but reversed feature is offAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradePretype invoice for Debtor Creditor , add edit table width setting31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGST report - add column settingLaiPeng31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGift rules able to keep track transaction exceeded > 50031-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeShow non stock item in backorder enquiry screenS31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeStock Take Entry allow to key in physical unit cost31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGL Chart Ledger, is it possible to insert additional Colunm Name?31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeCreditor Invoice entry for Import Goods ; Forwarder invoice able to link information supplier name & Invoice No

Custom want to know Import goods with ovesea supplier name , oversea supplier invoice No & K1 No
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGL s/enquiry to hv advanced search optionLaiPeng31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeStk F1 search popups ,pls show Qty, loc1, 2, 3,4, 5 ,Group, Brand31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeF1 search user preference : make it possible for user levelLaiPeng31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugShow proper message and indicator about "Disabled salesman coll type"

(Salesman commission report , if fx enable , system do not allowed user to choose salesman from
mtn or trn)
V2.3, V2.5Upgradecheck all the report - specific selection no need rlist to checkLaiPeng31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugGST Creditor reclaim, return , history - one of it - when click print, it will print Debtor report31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5AppstoreDoc Tracking :
- spreadsheet style to change status
- supporting report
V2.3, V2.5AppstorePurchase , reorder productivity tools:
- check stock below min level
- then show all stock , available supplier, and last supplier purchase cost. and let user tick.
- generate purchase order
V2.3, V2.5BugCreditor transaction report - add grand total31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugCounter No - unticked reverse counter no but not work. Delete old document, system default back deleted counter no

Labchem : dB INV ST, so INV ST
V2.3, V2.5Bugload document template , make it sort by DOC_DATE by DOC_NO31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5Pretype invoice default INCL GST settingAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5Buga routine to check ST_document against all related module,

Example : DT_DOCUMENT, should have 1 doc call 190171, but not exist in DT_doc, exist in ST_doc.
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeStock transaction - make it remember last user setting of Cost default value16-Feb-2017
V2.3, V2.5Bugcreate new company , GST table didnt copy over7-Mar-2017
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeK2 date have to key in and show in GAF file31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeRequest New TAX code for BL-P TX-NC

with 2 tax code BL & BL-P which can't claim as expenses , which expenses can add back. it will make easy for account and auditor to calculate tax.
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeRequest New tax Code TX-CG

to classify Capital goods and show in GST03 item16 , 6a & 6b ; example purchase commercial vehicles & account entries include capital goods amount (TX-CG) ,
V2.3, V2.5BugCreditor invoice with stock listing - FR rate , LC rate should have oconv formatAlex07-Feb-2017
v2.3, v2.5bugafter added feature font set by each cell ,

the overall font setting not working anymore except the very first line

due to previous feature reset the font every cell read.

solution : make copy of previous font family before cell font setting, then after that paste back
with "previous font family"
V2.3, V2.5Upgradeauto gst variance at DB cnstk entryAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGL & Cr module, share running no. need to do record lockingAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeCreditor Pre-typed Invoice, please add in Info 2

To have more Info printed out Listing
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeSO PO, Show non stock item in backorder enquiry screenAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugStock selling price not updated if amend invoiceAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5Upgrade
purge specific stock change to "Remove and purge specific stock"

update autocomplete index after remove a stock

histroy description took wrong value ... took time() ..should be DAte()

Validate and show stock error in report preview mode. ( previously is call message for every stock
code that have problem

Page 2 : count doc change to optional.
V2.3, V2.5Upgrade
"Remove and purge specific stock" Cont...

change to AppsStore from trainer utility

Warning message - backup data, before purge

Limit to 100 stock code only

Make the whole thing responsive , minimal hang like feel.

Speed up the process.

Add autocomplete , f1 search
v2.3, v2.5BugPO enquiry - Currency rate is missingAlex31-Dec-2016
v2.3, v2.5BugEXS_SPC_CASE_DOC_LIST - creditor reclaim gst - there is one "GOTO" go to wrong place

during GST03 check document (first page)
v2.3, v2.5UpgradeGST03 reminder screen - check again - should call error message if there is any.Alex31-Dec-2016
v2.3, v2.5BugDebtor ledger enquiry - when salesman security is on

payment or CN will not show
v2.3, v2.5BugDebtor invoice - DO pop up call DO doc, filter string incorrect, disorder

if B_fx_on = 1 then
// filter str without fx
end else
// filter str with fx
V2.3, V2.5BugChart ledger report
when select "Print chart for every page" = 1
and "Suppress zero balance chart" = 0

the chart info printed for zero balance chart is not correct
V2.3, V2.5BugAdi,ado,transfer& wof
Default value for brand code, group code not appear
V2.3, V2.5Upgrades/o & p/o listing to add remove blank line optionAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugSO invoice : Outstanding amt shown -6.00 , its supposedly 0.00, bcs payment aldy makeAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugPurge and remove specific stock :
All the reports at stock checking part must sort by doc date. Now no sorting
V2.3, V2.5Bug"Tracy feedback her customers hv a problem with fx gain/loss in the gl system as the figure varies each mth after the acs are closed. This is due to unapplied credit where the fx offset date default to the inv date. Pls add in validation of fx offset date against trx control date or prompt a warning as this affects the aging and gl ctrl acs.

Don't really need data. Just our program check the fx doc date against trx ctrl date only under unapplied credit.

Check the fx offset date make sure within trx ctrl date as this will generate the fx gain/loss in the gl therefore affecting the p&l of previous months. A validation will minimise this error."
V2.3, V2.5BugCreditor Payment - offset amount sometimes can auto default ,sometimes cant auto default.Alex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeImport Sales order , include @, item F, D,C too.
no need setting, remember last user action
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeImport Purchase order , include @, item F, D,C too.
no need setting, remember last user action
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeSales order module - salesman security feature Alex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeSales order module - add customable formula featureAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeSales order module - add ATTACHMENTS field and controlAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeDebtor - Intercompany billing - Creditor to debtorAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeCreditor - Intercompany billing - Debtor to creditorAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradePRINT_XY_ONLY, font setting for custom transaction printingLM31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeGL - Journal GST - extra line detail - make doc_no control widerAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5UpgradeStock module
- debtor sales profit analysis report
- salesman sales profit analysis report

add customizable column setting, and remember last user setting
LP, Alex31-Dec-2016
V2.3, V2.5BugBad debt recover report unable to loadAlex31-Dec-2016
V2.3UpgradeStock take , adjustment in and out, have time stamp.

to let user to break the law IN qty is always at begining
V2.3UpgradeAble to amend qty/Price adjustment in SO/PO31-Dec-2016
V2.3UpgradeDebtor module - delivery order entry - add password control

- zero level cost
- last receipt cost
Done section (V2.3.56, V2.5.28) (Since 25-Nov-2016)
** Bug fixes will apply to V2.3.55 and V2.5.27 as well
Cross company Stock qty on hand31-Dec-2016
POS - live update stock...possible?31-Dec-2016
UpgradeCost masking to have standard function and setting.

have a group: for user to select which group to take effect
have a item list : for user to select which enquiry and report screen to take effect
Buga routinne to check possible data error of debtor , creditor module

- doc type field empty
- doc status field empty
- offset doc no field ( have offset amount but no doc no, or have doc no but no doc date )
- Empty GL field like chart, dept, debit credit etc
Speed Stock sales analysis report - by salesman by debtor / by stock . Slow, Lina chem or bold vision13-Feb-2017
GST input tax NP activate and save , but TX lose it default tax code checkbox 120-Mar-2017
Upgradeall VBS program convert to dotnet13-Apr-2017
Upgrademake sure every transaction have auto adjust GST variance13-Apr-2017
UpgradeExc Amt - auto adjust GST variance should exclude the line of EXC AMT13-Apr-2017
Chart ledger report "Brought foward" figure alignment out.2-May-2017
Delivery order edt width problem after v2.3.56.1 system stock in DO2-May-2017
OI User license control3-May-2017
Add validation ZRE & ZDA must key in K2 Number
All new tax code will:-
1) Auto-generate when log in with the new version
2) Set Active accordingly
3) Trainer need to help set chart code
uNew Input Tax code : TX-IES - rename of TX-E43, add Validation - New record cannot use
TX-IES > 6a & 6b
uNew Input Tax code : TX-ES - rename of TX-N43, add Validation - New record cannot use
TX-ES > 6a & 6b
0New Input Tax code : TX-FRS 2% > 6a & 6b
TX-FRS > 6a & 6b
1New Input Tax code : TX-NC 6%, NOT declare in 6a & 6b
1New Input Tax code : TX-CG 6% > 6a , 6b, 16
1New Input Tax code : RP 0%
0New Input Tax code : NP 0%
0New Output Tax Code : NS 0%
Remove TX-ER introduced Aug2016(Withdraw version). Never implement to customer yet20-Feb-2017
Remove IM-RE introduced Aug2016(Withdraw version). Never implement to customer yet20-Feb-2017
Remove IM-CG introduced Aug2016(Withdraw version). Never implement to customer yet20-Feb-2017
1New Output Tax Code : IES - rename of ES43, add Validation - new record cannot use

This code will be more work to do.
Current version, every transaction link to GL have FXGL_VERSION field.
Increase the number of all the related form will do.

** Better install right after they did monthly submission. **
IES, if negativae amount don't report in item 1220-Feb-2017
0New Output Tax Code : SR-MS 6% > 5a & 5b, value of GST on margin only20-Feb-2017
0New Output Tax Code : SR-AJS 0% > 5a (FULL Amount), 5b (Zero Amount)20-Feb-2017
1New Output Tax Code : OS-TXM 0%20-Feb-2017
1New Output Tax Code : NTX 0%, GST03 field 1020-Feb-2017
1Existing Tax Code : ZDA map to GST03 Field 1120-Feb-2017
Remove OS-ER introduced Aug2016(Withdraw version). Never implement to customer yet20-Feb-2017
Remove OS-OV introduced Aug2016(Withdraw version). Never implement to customer yet20-Feb-2017
Tax code GS - not calculated in GST0320-Feb-2017
New CTE Background Pic20-Feb-2017
*** might no need to be include in next version *** but have to study already

Treatment on rate change
***blue color mean yet update to release note
***New Completed item always insert from top. Not type at the bottom of the list


Version 2.5

Release Date
Change List
2.5.9Minor09/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.8Minor06/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.7Medium03/03/2015Bug- v2.3.35 updates included
2.5.6Medium03/02/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.5Medium03/01/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.4Minor24/02/2015Bug- v2.3.32 updates included
2.5.4Medium24/02/2015Bug- Lot No maintenance failed to load . Due to stock lot update program, didnt create new record at stock lot table
2.5.3Minor02/06/2015Bug- v2.3.30 and v2.3.31 bug list included
2.5.3Medium02/06/2015Bug- Debtor invoice save , hang ( with post date enabled ) bug fixed
2.5.22Minor01/06/2015Bug- Fixed Lot no validation bug. Happened when Amend a document with
two same stock code
same lot no
but different line item position.
2.5.22Minor02/06/2015Bug- Fixed a bug where a report more than 26 columns Export to excel failed to set alignment
2.5.22Minor02/06/2015Bug- Debtor invoice with stock "last debtor selling selling price" forgot to include GST inclusive.
This cause price always default gst exclusive price
2.5.22Minor09/06/2015BugPo module - DO (charges / disc) import to invoice, charges and disc value decimal import wrongly
2.5.22Major23/06/2015Bug- v2.3.50 updates included
2.5.21Major22/05/2015Bug- v2.3.49 updates included
2.5.20Major05/05/2015Bug- v2.3.48 updates included
2.5.19Major05/05/2015Bug- v2.3.47 updates included
2.5.18Major22/04/2015Bug- v2.3.46 updates included
2.5.17Major10/04/2015Bug- v2.3.45 updates included
2.5.16Major01/04/2015Bug- v2.3.43 updates included
2.5.15Major25/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3 (Urgent)
- New GL Journal GST interface ( same as v2.3 )
- !!! Dictionary upgrade !!!
2.5.14Major17/03/0105Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3 (Urgent)
2.5.13Minor16/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.12Minor13/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.11Minor12/03/2015Bug- fixed missing feature that should be same as v2.3
2.5.1Minor02/01/2015Bug- Output tax , input tax, and tax code detail report - when a column set to 0, the space for that column should be zero
2.5.1Medium02/01/2015Bug- Delete validation , if it gst03 linked then should not allowed to delete
2.5.0Major01/01/2015New- GST version upgrade