Welcome, our technical team was establish since 1984, and we have over 30 years of computer hardware service, network management & troubleshooting, migration, upgrade and support experienece.

CTE’s team of experienced and competent field technical is to keep the computer hardware in good running order. Maintenance service will be available at all times for systems under warranty or contract.

Upon expiry of the warranty, we will arrange for you our annual maintenance contract program. The program is categorized into software and hardware maintenance: –

  1. The hardware maintenance covers all repair, spare part replacement charges for system breakdowns under normal and reasonable use and the preventive service and maintenance. However, the program does not cover the cost of media, ribbon, printhead and other wear-and-tear accessories.  
  2. The software maintenance convers all in house and onsite supports pertaining to all 3A accounting software issues.

The service and maintenance program are designed to achieve the following objectives :

  • Maximize your up time
  • Provide on-site service.
  • Specialized in installing and supporting on Network environment.